Our Services

Surpass expectations in today's ever-changing economic and market conditions by employing our high-quality services designed to make maximum impact and a positive difference to your bottom line.

Our services provide organizations with the objectivity and expertise necessary to implement best practices in Agile Methodology. We understand that organizations have unique needs, and one solution does not fit all. With this understanding, we provide you with world-class offerings that are responsive to your company’s challenges to increase organizational productivity and mitigate risk.

Regardless of your needs, we are here to help you make effective Agile transformation an integral part of your organization. You can count on our team of expert consultants to guide you through the right process to ensure your organization’s longevity and success.

Our services cover the three focus areas below:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our core service is providing companies with professional and experienced Agile Consultants and Scrum Masters who have knowledge and understanding of Agile methodology, Its Frameworks and All the best practices to guide you and your organization on a successful Agile transformation journey.

Finding and keeping excellent Agile employees either for the short or long term is one of the most significant assets to any IT business. A recent Center for American Progress (CAP) study shows that employee turnover is a considerable expense, ranging from 16% to 213% of employee annual salary every single time.

With these stats in mind, it makes business sense to work with a reliable company like VILUX CONSULT to help you with recruiting – a recruitment organization that possesses the skills, knowledge, and ability to find precisely the type of Agile Consultant you need. We are more of a partner than a recruiting firm as we understand the importance of a high-performing team and the place of a Scrum Master in helping such teams deliver value fast for the company. We do not take this responsibility for granted.

Your next Agile incremental project is too important to be left to chance. Bring us into the hiring process, and together, let us establish a profitable relationship that is value driven, result-oriented, mutually beneficial, and focused on your specific needs. We make sure your employees have the skills needed to fulfill job requirements and translate such expertise into timely delivery of high-quality products.

Our recruitment services usually involve the following steps:


Source for talent
Training and retraining of talent
Administration of skills assessments
Conduct background and reference checks
Offer negotiations and acceptance
A Reasonable Recommended Start Date
This approach offers a wide range of benefits to you as our client, including the ability to recruit multiple roles for your Agile project at different levels and across various locations.

Our recruitment and outsourcing services offer you time and cost savings, access to wide-ranging recruitment expertise, and Agile expert. We exist to alleviate pressure on existing teams allowing them to focus on ongoing projects.

Agile Consulting

Many companies are looking enviously at the business results of Agile but do not know where to start. We understand that the process of transforming your project management process from the traditional waterfall methodology to the more efficient and customer-centric Agile methods can be an uphill task.

As Consultants, we support you to assess the present situation, analyze available options, offer smart suggestions for improvements, development, and execution of transformation strategies so that staff can go through the transition process with ease.

At VILUX Consult, we take the time to understand and assess each client’s specific needs and offer a solution tailored to meet them. We recommend approaches, technologies, cost-saving efficiencies, and process enhancements to help you reach your business goals. We have certified:

Agile Consultants
Agile coaches
Professional Scrum Masters
SAFE Scrum Masters
SAFE Agilists
Release train Engineers
Product managers

We approach consulting as a partnership between the client and us with shared objectives. Our consulting practice is laser-focused on helping our clients succeed with Agile to accelerate time to market, manage changing priorities, increase productivity, reduce risk, align business and development objectives, and improve team morale.

From training individual Agile teams to showing top management, product management, human resources, and other groups to support and leverage Agile development, we have what it takes to educate the entire company. An engagement with a qualified Consultant like VILUX Consult that knows the agile methodology inside out, its messaging, and its processes is just what you need to produce sustainable outcomes.

Agile Training and Development

Are you an Individual that is looking for a lucrative career in Scrum? Take your project management and general business skills to the next level by learning the Agile methodology and approach with us at Vilux Consult.

We offer expert training and development for our scrum masters to add value from day one on their assignment and build a profitable career

In Agile Project Management. Our approach to agile training focuses on speed, flexibility, and collaboration. Our Agile training is offered virtually, in a classroom-style environment, providing candidates with the opportunity to get hands-on experience and develop in-demand skills for optimal performance. We also provide classes necessary to obtain and achieve the Scaled Agile certifications.

Join us today to learn all about Agile project management from experts who have implemented and practiced it within their teams and organizations, and you stand a chance to be qualified to join our talent pool.


I worked with Vilux Consult to discover my leadership style and how I want to show up at work.  I was given an excellent perspective on work situations, and offered alternative ways to view things. Every session was actionable, they kept me accountable by assigning tasks in which I had to practice using different tools in specific work situations. I’ve worked with coaches previously, and none of them came close to the kind of impact that Vilux Consult has provided me through their mentorship program. Vilux Consult is definitely for keeps and I look forward to continue working with them.
– Farida Conteh